About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to save lives. The goal of the ICE Standard Technologies is to set an official guideline to assist Emergency Response Teams and First Time Responders in gathering important personal and medical information in the event of an emergency.

The ICE Standard Story

Joseph Ekman lay in a Bay Area hospital contemplating both the medical journey that brought him to this moment and the "what if's" of an uncertain future.  As he recovered from having an internal heart monitor implanted in his chest, a representative from the medical device company approached and gave him a slip of paper with the suggestion that he keep it in his wallet. On the slip was a simple, typed note that Joseph had the implanted device in his chest wall.  The representative stated that if he needed urgent medical attention that "hopefully" emergency personnel would find it.

On the unsettling notion that "hope" may be the determining factor of whether he survives a future medical emergency, Joseph conceived an idea that personal and valuable medical information could be made accessible to all respondents in an emergency situation. Despite continued setbacks in Joseph's health, he set forth to pursue his creation of a worldwide standard; In Case Of Emergency Standard (ICE Standard).

A few months following surgery, Joseph attended University of San Francisco where he wrote a research paper that encompassed his vision titled, "In Case of Emergency Standard". From that research paper came the development of essential ICE Standard products. Most noted is the ICE Standard app for Apple and Google Smartphones, tablets, and devices. Currently ICE Standard ER EMT Info app is the #1 emergency medical contact information app. For the past 5 years it has been consistently ranked in the top 100 of medical apps in the Apple App Store. Another ICE Standard product that is being utilized is ICE Standard Personal Cards which are personal cards for individuals and athletes in youth sports to provide medical information to respondents in the event of injury. Soon to be released for schools and businesses is ICE Standard OnDemand designed for group information recovery during on-site emergency situations and natural disasters.