ICE Standard ER 911 Commonly Asked Questions

iPhone and iPad

When I try to save my data, ICE Standard closes and my data is not saved.

This happens to some users after updating to the latest version. To fix this, log out of ICE Standard and log back in again.

To log out of ICE Standard, open ICE Standard, press "edit", scroll to the Account section at the bottom, then select "log out". You'll be given the option to sign in as an existing user; choose this option, then re-enter your username and password as normal.

I attempted to set up an account and entered the user name and password information as requested. When that information was sent I got an error message that it could not connect to the server.

Begin by making sure you can access the Internet using Safari. If you have Internet access but can still not register, email Provide us with the error message and any steps necessary to reproduce the error and we'll get back to you with a solution shortly.

How can I place my emergency information on my lock screen?

To put your emergency information on your lock screen, follow these steps:

  1. Open ICE Standard
  2. Verify your information is display correctly
  3. Tap the wallpaper tab at the bottom
  4. Tap "Set up lock screen" and follow the instructions to create and save the image
  5. Now press the home button and navigate to your Photos app
  6. Select the image that you created
  7. Tap the square box with an arrow icon at the bottom of the screen
  8. Select "Set as wallpaper" and "Use as lock screen only"
  9. Your lock screen wallpaper should now be updated

If you are having trouble with any of these steps, please email

I don’t see an option for displaying insurance information on the lock screen, which is important. Am I missing something?

Apologies for the inconvenience. The insurance information section is not currently an option to be shown automatically on the lock screen. You can, however, copy and paste the information to the Other Info section if you wish.

Using the ICE Standard with Smart911 app, I entered the necessary info and established a lock screen wallpaper on my iPhone and also completed the auto app info.  However, when I try to open a Smart911 account and register my phone number using the ICE app I continue to get a ‘could not connect to server Error 400’ message. I finally registered with Smart911 directly using that app. What’s up with the ICE Standard app and will the fact that I registered directly with the Smart911 rather than using the ICE Standard app create any problems in the future?

It sounds like you are registered with ICE Standard and not just saving data locally - is this correct? If you aren’t sure, you can open the app and select ‘edit’ and scroll down to the bottom. If you are registered with ICE Standard your email address should be shown there, along with an option to disable cloud backups. Please let us know if you can save modifications to your account data and the email address you registered with. Our Support Team will check to see if there are any issues with your account. 

Registering with Smart911 separately will not conflict with registering through ICE Standard; the information you entered when registering with Smart911 directly will be shown first to emergency responders, and if you connect ICE Standard to Smart911 additionally later that will be shown on a secondary screen.

On your app Ice Standard I entered some info and it shows correctly as the wallpaper on my locked screen. However, When my locked screen is viewing and I hit Emergency and then *Medical ID, it shows my medicines and an erroneous weight, neither of which I never entered.

The Medical ID information on the emergency section of the lock screen is actually not filled out using our app, but rather Apple’s Health app. You can modify this information by opening Apple's Health app that is preinstalled on all iPhones.

Trying to edit and update medications and it will not save the changes.

Is the app closing when you tap save? If so, the solution is to log out of the app and log back in again. You can do this by tapping “edit”, scrolling to the account section at the bottom, tapping “log out”, and an alert will come up allowing you to sign in.

ICE Standard will not save edit changes on my iPhone 6 Plus. The app closes when I hit Done.

This problem can be fixed by logging out of the app and logging back in again. To do this, open the app, tap edit, scroll to the account section at the bottom and select “log out”. Then sign in again when prompted.

When I try to edit / update my information, and I select DONE, the app closes without saving the new information.

To fix the issue with the app closing, please try logging out and back in again. You can do this by pressing edit, then scrolling to the account section at the bottom and selecting “log out”; a prompt to sign in again will then come up.

Also is there any way to link my Contacts to the app?

In terms of linking your contacts to the app, after you tap edit there will be a small person icon next to the “contact name” field. Tapping this will bring up the list of your contacts; selecting one will enter their name and the selected phone number.