Personalized Medicine

The Emergency Standard Card is an all-in-one plastic (wallet-sized) card color coded Red (Stop Special Medical Condition), Yellow (Caution Medications), or Green (“Good to Go”).

It is our definition of “baseline for triage,” as it indicates your risk level to a medical professional by listing your preexisting medical conditions, blood type, allergies, and even more.

Backed by our patent pending, color-coded standard with health critical information vectored to first-responders, ICE Standard Technologies brings personalized medicine into the palm of your hand.


A Glance Into the Standard

GREEN indicates low risk in which standard procedures may be followed without particular medications or concerns to preexisting conditions. However, if utmost privacy is the concern, we provide the ability to list ‘call my doctor,’ which you will receive either a YELLOW or RED card in such cases.

YELLOW indicates medium risk and is commonly indicative of no major health issues, but requiring medicine.

RED indicates high risk, it tells the EMT to stop and ensure the best possible actions are taken. When medical emergencies occur, medicine and/or urgent treatment critical to the survival is vital. Thus, concise delivery of life dependent information is vital especially with the difference between “Minutes v.s. Seconds.”

The backside of the card contains Emergency contact information, doctor’s name and phone number, medical insurance, medical information, blood type, medication(s), implanted medical device(s), special medical condition(s), allergie(s) and a list of prescription medications.