ICE Standard Technologies

The World’s #1 Emergency Medical Contact Information App

Seconds vs. Minutes that could save your life.

ICE Standard Technologies™ products and software applications are designed to provide personal and medical information to assist Emergency Response Teams and First Time Responders in gathering important personal and medical information in the event of an emergency.

Just in the United States alone, ICE Standard ER EMT Info App, and ICE Standard Personal card is recommended and endorsed by over 14,000 Hospitals, Medical Clinics, University Medical Schools, and Medical Care Givers websites emergency pages. Around the world Organizations and Global Fortune Corporations are now using and endorsing ICE Standard products and applications.

KCBS Radio

March 24, 2013 KCBS radio. Two interviews with Joseph Ekman, CEO.

What’s On Your Lock Screen?

By putting your emergency medical contacts information on your phone's lock screen, if you are in an accident, EMTs and first responders can find your emergency medical contact information as soon as they turn on your phone.

The EMTs and first responders can view your 3 color coded medical status by viewing the top of the ICE Standard Software Applications, ICE Standard ER EMT Info app, ICE Standard ER EMT Auto Edition, ICE Standard OnDemand or the ICE Standard Personal card color coded to give emergency responders an at-a-glance insight into your well-being. The color auto populates based on what information you preload into the ICE Standard Software Applications or the ICE Standard Personal card.

Red color is high risk, it tells the EMT to stop, there’s high risk here. It could be someone with diabetes, or an allergy, if you’re just taking a medication that would be yellow color. If you’re not taking anything you’re green color, you’re good to go. If you want to be private about the medicines you’re on or your medical conditions you don’t have to put that in, you can just type ‘call my doctor’ and it will still come up as yellow color or red color.

ICE Standard Technologies' best feature is we’re the only emergency medical contact information application deployed across, thousands of Cities and Universities and has become the industry standard for storing and retrieving personal medical information critical to emergency care in the event of an accident or a disaster.

ICE Standard Technologies is the only app integrated with the national Smart911 database. Smart911 is a free service that provides important information about yourself and your family to 9-1-1 prior to an emergency.

The new ICE Standard ER EMT Info Auto Edition app adds comprehensive support in the event you or your family are in an auto accident.